Which tyres are right for an enduro motorbike?

Enduro motorbikes offer thrill-seekers enormous freedom. This two-wheeled machine allows you to ride comfortably on all types of terrain. However, it is particularly suitable for competition. This is why enduro tyres are versatile and have a lot of endurance. When buying tyres for this type of motorbike, there are several criteria that must be taken into account.

What type of tyres should you choose for your enduro motorbike?

Regardless of the type and brand of tyres you choose for your enduro motorbike, it is advisable to check the dimensions of the tyres you are fitting beforehand. Excellent adaptability is important to ensure a more comfortable ride. You should also select quality tyres so that you can enjoy them for many years. The tyres must be comfortable to ride on, especially on the type of road that enduro motorbike are usually ridden on. They also need to be suitable for the terrain you most often ride on. There are enduro motorbike websites that offer a wide range of tyres for your motorbike. They can also provide you with all the information you may need.

Why choose enduro tyres?

Enduro tyres are suitable for loose, rough, mixed, hard or sandy terrain. They are designed to ensure better grip on all types of terrain thanks to their particular composition. They also guarantee good braking stability. The enduro tyre is also able to absorb shocks caused by obstacles such as stones, branches, etc. The space between the studs is sufficient, which makes it easier for the enduro tyre to get rid of mud and snow. This type of tyre is made from rubber and silica to ensure optimum grip on wet or dry ground.

Take good care of your new enduro tyres

To prolong the life of your enduro motorbike tyres, adjust their pressure regularly. It is also advisable not to wait until one of the sidewall studs is torn off before replacing the tyre. Remember that an enduro motorbike will frequently take sharp turns on unstable or slippery roads. The risk of slipping is higher if there is a lack of grip on the sides. Also remember that your enduro tyres are designed to cope with steep roads. You can ride on the road, but it is better to limit this type of use to avoid rapid wear and loss of grip.

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