Full-face helmets: how to get the best protection?

More than half of all injured motorbike riders suffer head injuries. Head injuries are now the leading cause of death in motorbike accidents. So why choose a full-face helmet and how can you best protect yourself?

Why choose a full-face helmet?

Helmets are compulsory for all motorbike passengers and riders in all countries around the world. In fact, the absence of a helmet can lead to a great risk of death. Of the many branded models that now exist, the full-face helmet is the most protective model. It can protect the whole face, including the jaw. It is very effective in bad weather and it can deflect any thrown objects. This accessory is especially suitable for road riders or sports cars and is suitable for long journeys. It can reduce the impact of wind and noise on your face.

How can you best protect yourself?

In general, it is essential to try on the helmet before you buy it. For maximum protection, it should fit snugly and cover the front of your eyebrows. It is recommended that you choose a bright colour that is easily detectable. Your helmet is effective if it stays firmly attached and does not obstruct your peripheral vision. It never slips in front of your eyes or puts pressure on your forehead. Above all, it does not interfere with the wearing of vision glasses. The full-face helmet must also be labelled as compliant. After a violent impact, you should replace it. For optimum protection, it is best to choose a new model. And to maintain it, you must fix it carefully. Also pay attention to the anti-fog and anti-scratch quality of the visor. A bare head helmet can also provide better protection.

Things to consider when choosing a full-face helmet

To make a wise choice, it is essential to consider the size of your full-face helmet. It must be adapted to your head size. To avoid muscle fatigue, its weight must be chosen according to your morphology. It is also essential to check the ventilation and the homologation of the accessory. The full-face model is designated by the letter P. The waterproofing, comfort and materials of your helmet are also elements to be taken into account. So, a full-face helmet can guarantee you better protection. You just need to make the right choice to enjoy all the benefits it brings.

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