How long does it take for a motorbike to be recognised as classic?

The characteristics of a classic motorbike are clearly defined by the Highway Code. This category concerns all rare motorbikes over 30 years old that no longer meet the technical requirements currently in force. This type of two-wheeler is sold at a swap meet, at a specialist dealer and online.

How to buy a vintage motorbike?

To buy a classic motorbike, you need to apply for a vehicle registration document (carte grise) or a registration certificate (certificat d'immatriculation) with the words “a collector's vehicle” (véhicule de collection). This is done online via a dedicated teleservice. To proceed with the purchase, the buyer must gather certain documents, namely the completed cerfa n° 13750*03 form for requesting a registration certificate, the cerfa N) 13 754*02 form for declaring the transfer of a vehicle, an identity document, a certificate of residence, a previous registration certificate or a document attesting to the ownership of the vehicle, a certificate from the manufacturer or the FFVE listing the technical characteristics, a technical inspection report less than 6 months old and a means of payment.

Which vintage motorbike to buy?

There are two choices for people wishing to buy a vintage motorbike. You can either buy a version that will become a real star for years to come, or you can buy a vehicle that is highly rated on the market. In any case, the motorbike will only be used for a few days a year. Apart from the general condition and aesthetics of the vehicle, check the ease of maintenance and the availability of spare parts on the market. Riding will become a pleasure for connoisseurs if the bike is to be ridden from time to time. In this case, there is no need to be nervous or fast on the handlebars. In any case, the vintage motorbike requires special maintenance and some knowledge. It is rarely powerful. This category is therefore not suitable for speed enthusiasts.

Collector motorbike insurance

Like any ordinary insurance, the insurance of a classic motorbike is subject to several criteria. These have an influence on the premium. Contrary to popular belief, the price of the cover is not always more expensive than that of a classic motorbike. Because of the value of the motorbike, drivers of classic motorbikes are considered to be cautious. In the event of a claim, reimbursements can be higher. Some insurers, however, require that the insured person has another motorbike and that he or she only uses the classic vehicle for leisure purposes. They also require a minimum age of 21 years and a motorbike licence for several years.

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