Full-face helmets: how to get the best protection?

More than half of all injured motorbike riders suffer head injuries. Head injuries are now the leading cause of death in motorbike accidents. So why choose a full-face helmet and how can you best protect yourself? Why choose a full-face…

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Motorbike taxis: for fast travel!

The motorbike taxi has become the must-have for public transport. Nowadays, many companies offer this type of service throughout France. The principle of this service is to move from one place to another by motorbike with a driver, a bit…

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Harley-Davidson: one of the oldest brands!

Harley Davidson is an American motorbike brand. It is one of the oldest. Indeed, having seen the light of day in 1903, it is today a symbolic brand that is one of the most prized by motorcyclists. Worldwide events are…

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How long does it take for a motorbike to be recognised as classic?

The characteristics of a classic motorbike are clearly defined by the Highway Code. This category concerns all rare motorbikes over 30 years old that no longer meet the technical requirements currently in force. This type of two-wheeler is sold at…

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