Motorcycle accessories

The motorbike top case: all the advantages for travelling!

A short trip is on the agenda, and you’re going to bring along your occasional belongings and tools for repairs. The question that every motorcyclist has asked himself is how to transport his luggage. The solution is to use a…

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A guide to choosing the right leather motorbike jacket

The motorbike jacket itself is a safety feature, so it must be in perfect condition to ensure protection. Why choose leather for your motorbike jacket? What are the factors to consider when choosing a leather motorbike jacket? Why choose leather…

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How to choose the size of your motorbike trousers?

The right size motorbike trousers are essential in that they allow you to drive your motorcycle safely and with maximum protection. So, buying this accessory online is not advantageous if you don’t know your exact size. So how do you…

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Why is it important to choose the right motorbike gloves?

It is now compulsory to wear approved gloves. The choice of motorbike gloves should not be made lightly. A few criteria should be taken into account such as use, texture, season and price. With a few basic rules, you will…

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Cross boots, road boots, mid-boots, racing boots: How to choose motorbike boots?

Only an amateur could say that boots are all the same. For beginners it may sound like a joke, but motorbike boots have several functions, such as: increasing safety, providing comfort, insulating heat, protecting, etc. In short, motorbike boots serve…

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