Cross boots, road boots, mid-boots, racing boots: How to choose motorbike boots?

Only an amateur could say that boots are all the same. For beginners it may sound like a joke, but motorbike boots have several functions, such as: increasing safety, providing comfort, insulating heat, protecting, etc. In short, motorbike boots serve to enhance the riding experience.

How to choose the right boots?

The importance of boots such as the BMW Motorcycle Boots is so great that many professionals indicate that they should be chosen with the same care as their gloves and helmet. Size You can forget about the idea that shoes that are bigger than your number will be more comfortable. It is important that your boot is the right size for your foot. Being a quality boot, it is obvious that it will be comfortable. Apart from the obvious reasons, comfort is important since a motorcyclist can have a very long ride. Another important feature of motorbike boots is that they should cover the ankles and preferably the shins. This characteristic is recommended because at high speeds even a small rock can do a lot of damage to your feet, shins and ankles. So, to avoid this type of unforeseen event, the ideal boot should protect these three fundamental areas. Protection As well as protecting against possible projectiles, your boots should be made of a material that insulates the heat generated by the engine. For the same reason, they must have the ability to breathe, to avoid condensation from sweat. This material is always responsible for protecting your feet from moisture from the rain, i.e. it must be waterproof. After all, nobody deserves to walk around with wet feet.

Sports boots: cross racing boots

In addition to being comfortable, well-fitting and protective, boots also need to be appropriate for the activities you will be doing.   Sport boots like the BMW Motorcycle Boots are a good example. They are recommended for motorcyclists who tend to ride at high speeds, on sports bikes and on circuits, with their destination for short term use. Boots in this category generally have a more aerodynamic and ergonomic design, with a high level of protection, as they have zips and extra external protection, to increase safety and performance.

Travel boots or cross  boots

While sport boots are to be used for short term activity, travel boots are made with exactly the same time in mind. Its main features are comfort and protection, the comfort you need for longer use and protection against the elements and possible falls.

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