How to choose the size of your motorbike trousers?

The right size motorbike trousers are essential in that they allow you to drive your motorcycle safely and with maximum protection. So, buying this accessory online is not advantageous if you don't know your exact size. So how do you go about finding the best motorbike trousers?

To know the size of your motorbike trousers

To find the size of your motorbike trousers, you only have to measure the circumference of your waist using a tape measure. Then you can refer to a size chart. However, make sure you measure from the right place on your body. Start measuring at the point where the waist is narrowest. This is almost at your belly button. For women, it is also important to take the hip size. Compare these measurements with the table and you will find the right trouser size. Please note that these charts also provide you with equivalences to American, numerical and Italian sizes. Further information is available here.

Why find the right size motorbike trousers?

You need to find the right motorbike trousers that are form-fitting and well-fitting, as this will make you safer. You can opt for models such as BMW Motorcycle Pants. The various protections and reinforcements should be placed at the hips and knees. It is important to choose a material with maximum elasticity to stay comfortable. It is also a good idea to find motorbike trousers that protect you from damp and cold. They should be the right size to avoid discomfort, especially if you have to stay in the same position for hours. So you don't have to worry about it, you can immediately turn to trousers like the BMW Motorcycle Pants. 

Other selection criteria

It is worth noting that some brands are known to depart from the standard size. Many customers complain about motorbike trousers that are delivered that do not fit. In addition, some trousers are also available in different leg lengths. For this reason, retailers create specific product sheets for each pant prototype. It should be noted that some types of motorbike trousers are able to adjust to your shape in addition to being equipped with auxiliaries. This is the case for the velcro calf straps, the velcro belt, the press stud hems and others. For value, you can rely on quality items like BMW Motorcycle Pants.

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