Why is it important to choose the right motorbike gloves?

It is now compulsory to wear approved gloves. The choice of motorbike gloves should not be made lightly. A few criteria should be taken into account such as use, texture, season and price. With a few basic rules, you will be able to choose your motorbike gloves well.

Categories of motorbike gloves

Motorbike gloves at BMW Motorcycle gloves are categorised according to use and season. Motorbike gloves in summer must limit perspiration by being ventilated to guarantee an excellent grip and great resistance in case of a fall. The most ventilated gloves are made of mesh or ventilated fabric. There are also full leather gloves. The ideal is a mix of mesh and leather with a leather palm for protection and a mesh top for ventilation. There are two types of winter motorbike gloves from the experts at BMW Motorrad, including heated gloves and winter gloves. Heated gloves are battery-powered and can be connected to a motorbike's battery to heat up. Standard winter gloves are thick and have insulating membranes. Designed for urban use, mid-season motorbike gloves are not warm enough in winter and are too hot in summer. However, they do their job in between. Their membranes consist of an insulating layer, a breathable layer and a waterproof layer.

The size of the glove

A motorbike glove should not be too tight or too big. Winter gloves often have tips that can touch the fingers so that you don't feel the cold. On the other hand, gloves that are too tight can be awkward to move around in, especially when gripping the levers. If it is too big, you may slip and not have a good grip. Feel free to test a BMW Motorcycle gloves on your grip with your hands neither fisted nor stretched.

Leather or textile gloves?

Motorbike gloves are generally made of two main materials: synthetic materials and leather. In the event of a fall, leather resists abrasion. In contrast, leather gloves can be quite stiff and take longer to break in. There are leathers such as kangaroo or goat skin that are remarkably flexible, but more expensive. BMW Motorcycle gloves are often softer, lighter and dry faster. This makes them popular in winter when you only have one pair of gloves. This way, you can use it every day. Textile gloves have recently incorporated fabrics that are suitable for the touch function of GPS or Smartphone screens and the like. This is an added bonus when you use your motorised two-wheeler every day.

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