The motorbike top case: all the advantages for travelling!

A short trip is on the agenda, and you're going to bring along your occasional belongings and tools for repairs. The question that every motorcyclist has asked himself is how to transport his luggage. The solution is to use a top case for two wheels. 

Why use a top case?

An essential accessory for motorbike travel, the top case is used to store the helmet, tools, and to keep the motorbike's papers. The top case is easy to access and is suitable for transporting objects, taking away the motorcyclist's clutter. The top case is more practical than suitcases or panniers and offers peace of mind when riding, and security for your luggage when stationary.  The top case protects your luggage at all times, whether it's raining, snowing or hailing. Whether it's windy or rainy, your luggage will not be a problem in this accessory. Moreover, in case of an accident, its rigidity offers protection.  There are several manufacturers who offer several models of top case according to your needs and tastes and according to your budget. To help you in your choice, you can easily see online catalogues like BMW Motorcycle Top case by visiting On the site, you can see the useful criteria for choosing a top case: - Capacity - The aesthetics - Locking system - Fixings - Waterproofing

Design top case

The top case combines practicality and style. Manufacturers offer products adapted to your type of motorbike and your style. It is an accessory that embellishes your motorbike and enhances your style. Whether it's vintage or stylish, you can customize it with patterns and colours to match your bike, with any dimensions you see fit. You can also incorporate different features such as LED indicator or brake light repeaters to make sure you are seen on the road. Compared to other containers, the design of the top case is more aerodynamic and less cumbersome when cornering. Some manufacturers offer this accessory as standard on their models. With BMW Motorcycle Top case, the accessory reflects the manufacturer's style and blends in with the appearance of the bike.

Top cases with the latest technology

Manufacturers use technology to improve their products. BMW Motorcycle Top cases, for example, are improved products with years of research based on customer feedback. You can see various features on the market. Keyless" for example allows you to link a smartphone to the top case and open it without a key. There are others that have alarms, small solar panels that power small gadgets, and keep the interior of the top case ventilated and cooled.

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