Enduro: more enjoyable riding on all types of terrain!

You already have a motorbike at home, but you want to ride a motorbike that can handle all types of terrain. You have friends who take part in enduro competitions. Now you are also interested in this discipline. What techniques do you need in order to be able to compete in enduro? What are the differences between enduro motorbikes and other motorbikes?

What are the riding techniques in enduro?

In order to see far ahead and to estimate the next difficulty, it is better to stand upright. You should hold the bike tightly between your legs when riding on a rough road. It is better to use the engine brake when riding through the mud. In the dry, it is best to stand up straight. On a bend, the best position is to sit down. When you pass a tree trunk, keep your finger on the clutch and put the bike into first gear. It is important to stand upright when riding on a bank.

What is the discipline of enduro riding?

Enduro is for everyone, young or old. You just need to have some thrills and have experienced enough roads and tracks. Most of the time the enduro motorbike runs on all kinds of terrain. You need to have a motorbike licence, i.e., an A or A2 licence for 125 cc motorbikes. If you are still a beginner, it is better to go with a friend who is experienced in this field. Being a member of the enduro group in social networks helps you to know the discipline well. In this group you can share your passions and experiences in the field of enduro. Throughout the year, many clubs organise rides and outings. The best thing to do is to get in touch with them. What is the difference between an enduro motorbike and a motocross bike? First of all, you can't do enduro with all types of motorbikes. An enduro bike is very similar to a motocross bike. But the advantage is that it runs on all types of terrain. An enduro motorbike also has softer and more progressive suspensions, whereas a motocross bike has to deal with jumps and particularly big bumps. Its speeds are longer and the fuel tank has a larger capacity, compared to the motocross bike. Another difference is that the enduro motorbike has turn signals. So, the two motorbikes do not have the same specificities.

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