What is the difference between an enduro and a motocross?

Many people still have a habit of confusing the motocross with the enduro. You may wonder why? Well, an enduro motorbike is just a homologated motocross bike. However, there is a big difference between enduro and motocross. How can you tell them apart?

The use

There is a difference between enduro and motocross motorbikes regarding their use. First of all, motocross bikes are often used on closed and private circuits. The use of this kind of closed area allows to respect the regulations applicable on the public road. In fact, the exhaust of a motocross bike is a bit noisy. The main purpose of a motocross bike is to provide speed by accelerating hard even on a tight corner and jumping bumps on a slope. Enthusiasts are usually attracted to competition, but federations always ask for training licences even if you are only riding for leisure. An enduro motorbike has to comply with the homologation rules to be allowed to ride on public roads. It must then follow the rules of the public highway, with particular attention to engine noise. But if you only use your enduro on tracks, not on public roads, you do not have to follow these regulations.

Technical characteristics

First of all, on the suspensions, the enduro has soft suspensions compared to the motocross. In fact, the suspensions of the latter are firmer and more powerful. This makes it possible to accomplish and carry out the jumps on the circuit. Then, for the tyres, the cross must have tyres with higher teeth, whereas for the enduro the tyres must be mixed and adapted to all types of terrain.  Finally, the engine of an enduro motorbike must be normal in order to have a top speed that can be adapted over the length of the bike. Cross-country bikes need higher acceleration and shorter gears for a sporty ride on the track.

The differences in equipment

It is not difficult to identify an enduro bike by its equipment. First of all, it requires a motorbike licence, full motorbike registration, a registration number and an approved number plate. As far as equipment is concerned, an enduro is equipped with a headlight, indicators and a rear light. However, this is not important for a motocross bike.  In conclusion, don't mix up enduro and motocross motorbikes, because there are differences between the two. These are the three main differences between an enduro and a motocross.

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