What are the off-road tests that motorcyclists must take to obtain their driving licence?

 A motorbike licence test is like any other driving test. In other words, it contains several tests that must be taken in order to pass. The motorbike licence test is an on-road test, to check the candidate's ability and find out whether he/she can fully control the vehicle.

Everything you need to know about the off-road test for a motorbike licence

A candidate wishing to take the motorcycle licence test should know what a motorbike licence road test is. It is a combination of several practical tests to measure a driver's ability. But there are a few steps to take before you can finally get your motorbike licence. The first is to pass the theory test, which is valid for five years, and then apply for the off-road tests. The purpose of this is to confirm that the motorcyclist has all the necessary knowledge of the vehicle and to ensure that he or she has a good grasp of road safety. Because, whether he is accompanied or alone on his motorbike, he has the obligation to guarantee his safety and that of others on the road.

What does a motorbike licence road test consist of?

A motorbike licence plateau test generally lasts 17 minutes and 30 seconds. Composed of three distinct parts, a motorbike licence plate test is a technical check of the motorbike, a handling test and an oral test. The candidate will be graded on their equipment first and then on the checks that must be carried out on the motorcycle before departure. These include lighting, tyre pressure and wear, fuel normality and fluids. During the handling test, the rider is asked to complete a course without an engine, then a course at reduced speed without passengers, and finally a course at normal speed with a passenger. This is followed by an oral test of 3 to 10 minutes during which the examiner asks about signs for two-wheelers. The cards concerning motorcyclists, motorbikes and traffic, as well as all the subjects covered during the training, are also questions asked.

The course of a motorbike licence test

In order to guarantee a successful motorbike test, it is necessary to prepare well by carefully choosing the training location. The day of the test will be the moment when all the knowledge obtained on the subject must be put into practice. The candidate is allowed two attempts. The result will be published later, so the one who gets the best grade is given an A, the one who gets a B is given a fair grade and the one who gets a C is given a poor grade.

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