Motorbike: how to wheelie with the help of the clutch?

You have a motorbike and you want to learn some acrobatic tricks with it? Wheeling is one of the most popular motorbike stunts. To succeed in this move, you need to have a good theory and a lot of practice on your side. The aim is to have complete control of your motorbike. However, wheeling is not allowed on public roads. Therefore, you have to make sure to find the right place to learn this trick by equipping yourself with the right protective gear. If you don't follow the law, you risk getting into trouble, so you should always be careful. So, how do you go about wheeling a motorbike?

Definition of motorbike wheeling

Also known as rear wheeling, motorbike wheeling consists of riding with the rear wheel only. The front of the motorbike will remain in the air for a certain period of time. To do this, you will need a powerful motorbike. You can also perform this stunt successfully with a scooter or a motorbike with a manual clutch system. If your motorbike does not have enough power, it is still possible to perform the stunt, but it will be more difficult to lift the front of the motorbike. To do a good wheelie, you must be able to stay stable and ride at a constant speed with the front wheel in the air. Be careful not to tip back too much to avoid wearing out the bike or injuring yourself.

Wheeling using the clutch throttle

It is possible to wheelie using only throttle power with a powerful motorbike. When riding a motorbike with a manual gearbox, choose second gear so that you can easily control the acceleration. The acceleration will be less abrupt in second gear. Ride at medium engine speed with the clutch fully released. Then accelerate sharply by leaning on the back of your bike to try to lift the front wheel. Spend some time practicing lifting your bike. Then try to find the balance between acceleration and the wheeling position to keep yourself stable. To avoid tipping over when wheeling, you can use your rear brake to control the height of the front wheel. Stop metering the throttle if you want to put the front wheel down.

Wheelieing with the help of the clutch control

If the power of your motorbike does not allow you to wheelie with the throttle alone by releasing the clutch completely, you can use the clutch control to perform the trick. Maintain a constant normal rpm on the second gear, engage and then release the clutch abruptly and the front wheel will lift. Be careful not to tip backwards. If you still have trouble lifting the front wheel, you can test in first gear to get a better shot. After lifting the front wheel, the procedure will be the same as with the throttle method.

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